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Electrical and thermal energy from biogas appears the most effective Renewable Energy production in our country. The great potential of this sector have been embraced by the Polish Government in their document titled “Development of agricultural biogas plants between 2010-2020” and is also indicated as one of most important targets in the ”Polish Energy Politics to 2030”. If we take a look at our western neighbor we can not fail to see the great potential of this sector in the energetic balance of our country.


Biogas plants allow the generation of electrical energy, heat and natural fertilizers from substrates which were previously problematic to utilize, such as food production wastes.


Together with the increasing importance of renewable energy, our company decided to put more focus on biogas production. We are developing “turnkey” projects for biogas plants, while advising and helping the client at each stage of investment. As in our other activities, we are providing individualised attention for each biogas project, because every project is exceptional. We are taking care of our technology efficiency in order to give you satisfaction and long term economic results.


We are beside You from the very beginning, from concept  through general design and building permission to the moment  your biogas plant starts production. We are also providing ongoing advisory services involving the efficient exploitation of your plant. We provide experienced advice in the selection of financing for your project together with UE programs.


Our operating areas:

  • site assessments,
  • substrate assessment and selection,
  • document preparation,
  • selection of technologies,
  • financial analyses,
  • contracts with energy providers and carriers,
  • building supervision,
  • handover of completed plants.
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